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How can you help?

Join the registry!

If you are between the ages of 18 and 40 click here: to have a swab kit sent to your home. Or use the QR code below. Joining the registry is as simple as two swabs of your cheek and the willingness to give to any patient in need. Every person who joins the registry provides hope for searching patients and new patient searches begin every day. You may never be called as a match for someone or if you have a unique tissue type - you may be the only match for a searching patient. Worried about the procedure? About 80% of the time it is a similar process to donating plasma. Learn more here.

**If you live outside of the United States, click here to search for your national registry. If you live in Mexico, you can register through Be The Match Mexico:


If you are able, click the orange "Support Me" above to give a financial gift. Your gift delivers cures to patients desperate for a second chance at life. The money we raise will help add new potential blood stem cell donors to the registry, assist patients with uninsured transplant costs, and fund innovative research to improve transplant outcomes.

To learn more or get involved in the #Bake4BeTheMatch2023 collab check out the hashtag on IG! To directly contact the hosts, DM @jenthecakept@winniesbakery or @savorandsage.

The #Bake4BeTheMatch2023 collab is a fun opportunity to make a meaningful, life-changing impact. Know that any action you take makes a difference for patients and their families. 

This year, we honor two special people with this effort. We continue to seek a donor for our co-host and searching patient, Elise Smith (@winniesbakery).   

And we remember, Robert Levy, Jen's beloved father who passed away unexpectedly in October 2022. Rob found his match and received his transplant in July 2020, along with the gift of over two more years with his family.