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2022-2023 Be The Match Campus Chapters

Join us on August 1, 2022

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Patients with blood cancers and blood diseases need support now more than ever. YOU can make a life-saving difference when you fundraise and recruit new donors to the Be The Match Registry®.

As the global leader in blood stem cell transplantation, Be The Match provides patients with a second chance at life by connecting them with their genetically matched donors. But every year, thousands still haven’t found their match.

The good news: you can help and directly impact the lives of patients and their families! Everything you need is online, from digital registry drives to livestreams to social pages and more.

Fundraising and Recruitment Help Save Lives!

FUNDRAISE: Be The Match depends on fundraising to facilitate life-saving marrow transplants. Every dollar you raise helps grow the registry, provide financial relief to patients and their families, and fund research to make transplant safer and more available to all patients.

RECRUIT: Patients are more likely to match with someone of their same ethnicity, which is why it is crucial to grow and diversify the registry. You can help by educating your community on the need for more donors and inspiring them to join the registry. All it takes is a simple cheek swab.


THE MORE, THE MIGHTIER: The Be The Match mission only succeeds through the strength of our community. Thank you for adding your collective power to this fight!

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