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John & Amy Presley Recovery Grant Fund


John (left), marrow transplant recipient,
with his son, Max, and wife, Amy

John and Amy Presley imagine a world where every patient, like John, has a successful journey through transplant, filled with hope, and afterwards, has the opportunity to focus on healing. They created this fund to offset the stressful financial burdens of transplant. Please consider joining them in their efforts by making a gift to their fund in honor of John to help patients and families in need. EVERY dollar will go to patient assistance.

The John & Amy Presley Recovery Grant Fund provides qualifying patients and their families with financial assistance both pre and post-transplant. Helping to eliminate financial barriers related to transplant provides hope to patients as they go through their transplant journey. Examples of out-of-pocket expenses covered by the John & Amy Presley Recovery Grant Fund:

  • Extended hospital stay expenses
  • Temporary housing, food and gas for patients and caregivers
  • Costs related to medical care, such as copays for prescriptions, clinic visits and dental work

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