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Did you know fundraising helps save lives?

Every dollar you raise helps grow the Be The Match Registry®, remove financial burdens for patients and their families, and fund groundbreaking research to improve outcomes.
Start your fundraising today with these easy tips!

Social media

Share the link to your chapter's fundraising page on your chapter and personal socials. Remember this about Facebook: YOU may not be on Facebook very often, but often your biggest supporters are! For social media resources, check out Canva.

Partner with a local restaurant
Many restaurants have fundraising programs that benefit both your cause and their business (e.g. Chipotle, Krispy Kreme, or your school's restaurant partner). Visit their websites and search "fundraising". Also, consider asking local businesses if they will match funds that you raise in your campaign. 

Pin-Up CampaignBe The Match pin ups at Taco Bell
Small cards, also known as "pin ups" can be purchased at a local establishment for a minimum $1 donation. The individual signs their card (maybe adds a message of hope) and then the card is displayed in a highly visible location—e.g. near the check-out. As more people participate, the display makes an impactful statement AND raises critical funds for patients. One kit includes pin-up packs of 100 in English or Spanish, as well as a toolkit to help get you started. 



Offline Donations
Use this platform and your chapter's fundraising page to collect and track your donations. For times when you need to collect money offline, please obtain a cashier's check from the bank. Checks should be sent, along with the Team Be The Match Contribution Form, to the national team. Your offline donations will be added to your chapter's fundraising page so they count toward your goal!

Mail checks with the completed form to:

Be The Match Foundation
Attn: Be The Match On Campus
NW 5948
PO Box 1450
Minneapolis, MN 55485