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5 Steps to Success

  1. Set your fundraising goal.
    Choose a goal that’s right for you. Remember, your fundraising makes a positive impact for patients and their families. For example: 


covers the cost to add one potential marrow donor to the Be The Match Registry. 


secures one week of temporary housing during transplant recovery. (If patients live more than an hour away from the transplant center, they’re required to relocate nearby for the three to six months of recovery.)  


covers one transplant recovery grant awarded to help families with uninsured and ongoing costs after transplant.  


  1. Personalize your page. 
    Adding personal touches to your fundraising page, such as a photo or story, helps your donors connect with your mission. Make sure to share your personal story explaining why you’re passionate about raising funds for Be The Match.  
  2. Donate to your own fundraiser. 
    Kickstart the momentum by donating to your goal. It’ll show your commitment and help make you feel more comfortable asking others to donate since you’ve already contributed. (We promise, it’s not cheating!) 
  3. Spread the word! 
    Pro tip: Ask close friends and family first to get a few donations in before you share your page with the masses. Be sure to post your page on social media—you never know who may have a personal connection to your cause. (See sample social post and email below.) 

    Don’t forget about email and text! And be sure to follow up with reminders. On average it takes three to five touchpoints to get someone to donate—people are busy, and one message is typically not enough. 
  4. Share Your Success 
    Post updates on how your fundraiser is going. Thank each of your supporters—tagging them on social media—and let them know the impact they made. Use these images with your posts to drive engagement. Remember: Don’t be afraid to ask! You’re not asking for you, you’re asking on behalf of the many patients who need our help—you’re saving lives. Thank you for being a Champion for patients! 

Sample social post: 

“I've joined the Be The Match® Champion Challenge to raise money to help patients with blood cancer and blood diseases find their cure. I'm challenging myself to [INSERT CHALLENGE AND GOAL] and have a goal of raising [DOLLAR AMOUNT]. Every dollar you donate will be matched by a generous benefactor. Please help me reach my goal if you can. [INSERT YOUR PAGE LINK]” 

Download shareable social media graphics for TwitterFacebookInstagramInstagram Stories and LinkedIn

Sample email: 

You probably know someone who’s been affected by blood cancer like leukemia or a blood disease like sickle cell. But did you know there’s a cure? A bone marrow transplant.

Seventy percent of patients don’t have a suitable donor match in their family, so they depend on Be The Match® to find a volunteer unrelated marrow donor.

Be The Match connects patients with their donor match for a life-changing bone marrow transplant and a second chance at life—providing support every step along the transplant journey.

Every dollar you donate will be matched by a generous benefactor, helping to add more potential life-saving marrow donors to the registry, cover uninsured transplant costs for patients in need and support groundbreaking cellular therapy research.

Your gift of $25 can cover one clinic visit co-pay for a marrow transplant patient. $120 covers the cost to add a potential life-saving donor to the Be The Match Registry®. And $300 provides tools and support for a research scientist to pursue new discoveries to prevent and treat post-transplant complications.

We all have the power to be Champions. Please consider donating to my Be The Match Champion Challenge fundraiser. By working together, we can save lives.