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How It Works

Creating a fundraiser is easy. All it takes is just five simple steps: 

  1. Choose your challenge 
    Get creative and have fun! Make your challenge as simple as walking the dog every day, cleaning the junk drawer or weeding the garden. Or as challenging as running a 10K or learning a new language. Need some inspiration? Check out these challenge ideas. 
  2. Start your Champion Challenge fundraising page
    Just a few clicks and your page is ready to go. Get started now! 
  3. Share your fundraising page with everyone you know
    Did you know when you share your fundraising page, you are 10x more likely to get donations?
  4. Update your fundraising page
    Keep your network updated on your progress by sharing your page and bringing attention to your fundraising goals. Re-share your page on social media regularly. (See sample posts and emails here.)
  5. Thank your donors
    A little shoutout on social media (bonus points for tagging!) to those who’ve donated to your fundraiser can go a long way toward raising awareness and prompting others to donate. 

Remember: YOU have the power to save lives!

Every dollar you raise means more matches, more hope and more patients get the financial assistance they need to get them through transplant.